January 15, 2009

Behind Every Well Dressed Man...

This morning I was woken up by my husband to the question "hey... does this tie match this shirt?" He never seems to know how to put together his outfits but he actually cares about his appearance quite a bit...thus the regular fashion emergency wake up call. Unfortunately for me... he isn't able to resolve any of my fashion questions!

I really don't understand why he has such a hard time matching his tie to his shirt, shoes and belt. After all men have so many less options than woman do. Almost all of his ties match all of his shirts (which are mostly white and blue) and as long as his belt and shoes (black or brown) match each other he can practically wear any dress shoes he owns with any suit he owns. Do men's shoes even come in colors? It is not like he is trying to decide "do these red shoes go with my purple pinstripe suit and yellow briefcase?"

I just bought my husband some new shirts and ties. He had been complaining that he did not have enough clothes. Since he detests the mall I end up shopping for almost all of his clothes on my own and he tries them on at home. When I show them to him, I try pair the shirts up with matching ties so that he knows what looks good together. Slowly he is starting to get the hang of things.

Luckily for him he wears suits to work every day. They are a uniform of sorts. I can't imagine what he would do if he didn't have a dress code to adhere to. He would probably need me to lay his clothes out for him the night before.

Do any of you buy most of your husbands clothes? Do you pick out their outfits? How about the laundry and dry cleaning... how many of you handle those chores for them? I am sure that many woman are helping their husbands get dressed. I would bet that behind every well dressed man there is a woman!

by Gabby