January 5, 2009

The Secret Life of Spandex

Let’s face it…when someone says “spandex” you can’t help but have horrible flashbacks of neon-colored, 1980s style bike shorts. Ugh!

But the truth of the matter is that spandex has been secretly working its way into lots of our favorite fabrics (even the high-end ones), making even the trendiest styles down right…comfortable. Check it out:

knit dresses – the fast favorites of designers and everyday women alike, knit dresses are so darn comfortable, it’s not even funny.

charmeuse – once a forbidden fabric, silky charmeuse used to show every body flaw. Now with a hint of spandex, this shimmery sensation is a whole lot more forgiving.

denim – a touch of stretch has given denim a new life…it hugs curves, flattens tummies and just feels good.

In a world of real women, with real curves and a real need to look AND feel good…something’s gotta give. And that, my friends, is why spandex is my favorite fabric for 2009!

By Bren B