January 13, 2009

He Doesn't Get It

When getting ready for a night out, men have it pretty easy. They shower, run a comb or their fingers through their hair, toss on a pair of pants and a nice shirt or sweater and that's it. No Stresses They're good to go. What did that take; 5, 10 minutes maybe?

Don't know about you, but it's never that easy and always last minute with me. I begin rummaging through my closet and drawers. I find nothing or at least nothing that I feel like wearing anyway. Sometimes it's just a mood thing. Sure, I have plenty of clothes but truly not anything to wear at this moment in time. With at least 13 pairs of slacks, 6 pairs of jeans in every color imaginable; and tops, too numerous to mention, I still have this problem. Nothing is working for me. I have nothing to wear. SERIOUSLY!

As I begin the arduous task of trying on many outfits, none of them right, my husband, rolling his eyes, has decided to sit it out and read a few chapters of his book. He is totally perplexed at the number of costume changes I have made. He states rather matter of fact that what I had on 5 minutes ago was perfectly fine. I am just not satisfied. It's a number of things. The look is wrong, the color is wrong, the sweater it too baggy, the pants too tight. Am I too dressed up or not enough? Nothing is working for me tonight. I have been making this too hard on myself but just can't seem to help it...... and finally, the end result is that I usually walk out of the house with what I had on in the first place.

How about you? Am I alone here? I can't be just me.

Thank goodness my husband is a patient man, but he'll never understand. He just doesn't get it.