March 24, 2009


I'm sure with the economic crisis a lot of people may not be traveling this summer to beautiful hot sunny places but it doesn’t mean you don’t need a swimsuit. You can still look fabulous in your backyard lounging around your swimming pool or at your local beaches. This summer swimsuits are sexier than ever. So, let’s look at what we can expect in swimwear of summer 2009.

Colors, prints, and the classic black swimsuits are all part of this year swimsuits. Fuchsia is a huge color this summer as well as emerald, purple, and sapphire blue. For prints it’s geometrics and African prints. You’ll see the return of the one-piece with many variations on this style such as cut-outs, the one shoulder, and stylish maillots. So with great colors and great prints I’m sure you can find a swimsuit that fits you. Have fun this summer while looking fabulous!

By Diane