March 19, 2009

Things for Spring!

I declared 2009 the year of me. I’m not talking about diets or New Year’s resolutions, just plain and simple embracing the positive and continuing to be hap-hap-happiest person I can be. Part of my happy agenda includes a little cruise with one of my favorite groups from the past…New Kids on the Block! Not only am I excited for the cruise to the Bahamas with NKOTB and two of my good friends, but I’m excited about shopping for it! I’ve already started.

I am totally excited about the new spring metrostyle collection! I’m not always the person who buys the Spring/Summer items before it’s time to wear shorts, so you know how jazzed I am about this season. I love the new styles and the color choices we have. Even while trying to pull photos for this blog I found more things I want for spring! So, what’s in my shopping bag on

M by Shakara cargo skirt- I’m lucky enough to have had the chance to touch it, feel it and try it on at the office! The fabric is described as “cotton,” however if you could feel it, you would love this light weight cotton with a paper-ish kind of feel to it. Very flattering Shakara design!

Border Print Tunic- Totally wild about it. I love the color choices, the fit and especially the price! I like the Topaz, but I might get the Tangerine as well.

Knit Wrap Dress- Another one of my must-haves. It’s great for the cool evenings, will pack well and is also a great price.

Embroidered Peasant Top- I’m deciding between the peapod multi and zest multi. I’ll have to make up my mind by tonight though because I need to place my order!

Well, I hope you found some great things you love as well. Spring begins March 20th. I know I’ll be ready! Happy shopping.

by Kyndall