March 5, 2009

Employee Interview: Jon, Web Designer

1. Who are you and what is your official job title?
My name is Jon and I'm the lead web designer for

2. Briefly describe what you do on a daily basis...
On any given day you can find me doing anything from designing & refreshing content that appears on the homepage/fashion/petite & tall/new&now/category pages to creating marketing emails to making banners that appear on our many affiliate sites.

3. What's your favorite part of your job?
We're currently in the middle of redesigning and I'm very much enjoying the process. There's a lot of things I don't like about our current site so being able to think about how to change the shopping experience to best suit our customers is a welcome challenge.

4. Least favorite?
Designing banners. They're such small spaces to design within and the ultra-teeny file sizes we need to have them compressed to artifacts the imagery pretty bad.

5. What aspect of your job most directly affects our customers?
The work I do is the first thing you see when you come to the site or when you open one of our emails. I take pride in the designs I do and hope you, the metrostyle customer, enjoys them.

6. Do you shop on
No as a 20-something male metrostyle's clothing just isn't my flavor of fashion. :)

7. Just one more...what's your favorite food?
Fresh homemade guacamole can't be beat. Here's the easy and delicious recipe:

2 ripe avocados (you can tell if they're ripe by if the avocado 'gives' a little when you press it firmly with your thumb)
3 table spoons of finely diced red onion
3 table spoons of spicy green salsa (my favorite brand is Mrs. Renfro's)
a dash of cumin
a generous pinch of kosher salt
a few turns of ground black pepper
juice from half a lime

Cut open the avocados, discard the pit and spoon out the contents from the skin into a bowl (You can throw away the skin). Spoon the green salsa onto the avocados and mash everything together with a fork until it becomes a uniform, soft consistency (it'll be like a thick gravy). Stir in the onion, cumin and salt & pepper – mixing well. Stir in the lime juice and serve with chips. That's it!

Interview by me!, Jon. :)