March 11, 2009

Dad "Fashion"

A while back, my husband and I were having dinner with my parents when the talk of fashion began. I wanted a new pair of trendy skinny jeans that I saw in the store, but couldn’t decide if I should get them. That caused my dad to chime in with his “professional” opinion: “Beth, jeans are jeans. I’m still wearing jeans I bought back in 1997… why don’t you just stick with what you’ve got?”

Now, I love my dad for who he is, but his idea of “sticking with what you’ve got” is not the best fashion advice. Especially since his closet still contains the clothing from the events below:

· A Hawaiian shirt and yellow shorts that he purchased in 1987 for a summer birthday party (the shorts are approx. 8 inches above his knee).
· A grey tee shirt with a sketch of Mozart on it -done in black puff paint.
· At least 3 fanny packs, I didn’t stop him because I thought I understood his logic to having them.

He has changed so much since then, he dresses more in the now. His style consists of khakis, a belt, dress shirts and basic shoes. Imagine if he stuck with only what he had then?

One thing that has not changed and will always be a part of him: his fanny pack!!!!! No matter how close he comes to “normal” fashion, this one major “dad” item will always be with him, and you know what, without that he just wouldn’t be my dad! I will love him no matter what, even if he wants to wear those yellow shorts again one day…

by Beth