March 18, 2009

Baby Fat

Babies and metrostyle.... they may seem like an odd combination but in my book they are a perfect match. My son is 3 months old and he is one cute little bundle! But after 9 months of eating for two I am left with a "not quite as fit as I used to be" feeling. Yes, I am talking about baby fat. Not the cute kind that creates rolls around my little one's arms and legs, the kind that lurks around your midsection and threatens to stay!

Now that I am back in the swing of things I want to feel good about how I look even though I am not fitting into the same pants that I used to. I don’t always want to wear my yoga pants, which fit great but aren’t very fashionable, and I’m not the same size in jeans right now. But I’m not the next size up either. I need a size bigger on the waist but not necessarily everywhere else! That's where metrostyle comes in. I love the jean like leggings. These leggings are comfy but discreet, they look like regular jeans! They allow me to wear my usual size with more give around the waistline. With the right shirt you can’t even see the elastic waist and I can buy myself a few more months to shed these baby pounds!

by Suzy

Special thanks to CDG