March 20, 2009

The Truth About Clothes and Dogs

I think it is so funny how people dress up their dogs as if they are humans. I have to admit, yes, I am guilty of taking part in this, but only after my sister insists we try one of my dad’s shirts on the dog or one of the other million things we put on him. Seeing my 80 pound German shepherd walking around with clothes on is quite the sight to see. He always looks so handsome, especially in my hot pink puffy vest. My brother dresses his dog up too, like there’s absolutely nothing strange about it. He comes over wearing his Patriot’s jersey during football season or sporting a nice sweater around the holidays. He even has a winter coat, and I seriously just have to laugh. Yesterday, I find out my best friend is bringing home her new puppy…I immediately get in my car to go over and meet the little baby. After being there for five minutes, the new pup was already wearing a little pink tank top and I was already in love. I love these dogs as if they were people…so why can’t they show their own style and wear clothes as if they actually are people? There’s nothing wrong with that...right?