March 17, 2009

Green is the New Thing!

Today is St. Patrick's Day! The day when we wear green, drink green beer, and celebrate!

Though I'm not Irish, I usually always wear green, go on a scavenger hunt for lucky clovers, and just watch people devour green beer (since I'm too young to drink). Everybody seems so joyous and happy on this particular day, so the kinful spirit rubs off on me!

Since I always think of fashion, I made an observation today. Green is the color we wear on this day, though it's not the best color choice for many, it's finally debuting as a popular trend. The "Go Green" fashion has definitely come into play, and not just all the organic pieces, but the green color choices as well. It's now a style, and it comes in many shades perfect for the spring season. We have emerald green, forest green, bold lime green, so many greens! This style is everywhere. So go green!

by DeDe