April 9, 2009

Facebook 101

I'm sure many of you have been on Facebook for years, but since I am a late adopter of new technologies (I still don't know what Twitter is...) I just recently joined the many who make their presence known on Facebook everyday. The initial experience was exciting, I picked out a picture of me & my 4 month old for my profile, shared a couple of details about myself, and was excited to see that I instantly had about 30 friends. I thought 30 friends was a big deal, who knew that I had so many people who were willing to talk to me! Then I had a reality check, most of my friends had upwards of 130 friends...guess it will take a while for me to be that popular!

What really fascinates me is the amount of information available on Facebook. I had no idea that all my friends and family put so much time and effort into updating the world on their "status": walking the dog, going out tonight, and sharing funny quips about everyday life. Even my sister-in-law, who is apparently addicted to Facebook, posts a few times a day. I was amused to see that last week when she was babysitting my son she posted "watching my nephew...it's a battle and he's winning!" and her friends were replying with advice. And there is a whole world of things that I am still learning about, tagging photos, sending gifts…

What are your experiences with Facebook? Are you on all day or once in a while and how does all this information change your relationships?
by Suzy