April 15, 2009

Gladiator Sandals

The gladiator sandal has become a must have this summer. Unfortunately this type of sandal must be worn with the right outfit to get the right look. Believe me you don’t want to become a fashion victim. So, below are some helpful hints on what to wear with gladiator sandals.
  • First, you must make sure that the style that you are buying is flattering to your body shape. Especially if you have a short frame with chunky legs. You should go with metallic to make you legs look slimmer. Neutrals such as browns and blacks have the effect of making your legs look thicker.
  • A pedicure is a must!
  • More feminine styles can work with flowy summer dresses, slim-fit jeans, or summer shorts.
  • Chunky more masculine styles look great with jeans, mini dresses and shorts.

By Diane