April 1, 2009

Fashion Question: What boot will make me look taller?

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I'm short-5 foot. and I'm pear-shaped to boot. What boot is appropriate for my size and shape? Something that will make me look taller and longer-legged-but not any more pear-shaped?
Thank you, Miranda

Hi Miranda,

The good thing about boots is they will only accentuate your legs and will not add any extra curves to your shape.

Try a bootie with a higher heel...the heel height will give you the slight added height you crave while the bootie will elongate your legs...try this will a skirt or a dress.

If you want to be a little more classic, then wear whichever boot height you love, but wear them with black pants. Black pants and a high heel will give you height and keep you comfortable in your sexy curves!

Be bold, have fun, love your look!

Answered by: Beth