April 22, 2009

It's in the bag!

Yesterday my husband needed some cash. I told him I had some and all he had to do was run upstairs and grab some out of my wallet. After a few minutes passed I heard all sorts of noise coming from our bedroom. There were a few small “thuds” and the rustling of papers. When I walked in the room, my husband was on the floor looking distraught. Surrounding him was a pile of papers, a calculator, lip glosses, a change purse, a mint (unwrapped), an apple, a straw, a makeup bag, a fork, oxy wipes, bobby pins, a comb, many receipts, an empty Tylenol bottle, a travel size deodorant and a single sock to name only a few things.

“Beth, all I need is a dollar; I can’t even find your wallet in this mess..you do realize this is a handbag, not a suitcase right??”.

My secret is out!! I hoard things in my purse!!!! I am not a slob anywhere else; in fact I am the extreme opposite. I clean my house daily, I can’t stand clutter, and I love neat and tidy things. But my handbag…well this is a disaster! I love to throw anything in my bag. In the morning I put my lunch in it to carry it out the door..the mail? Rather than carry it I throw it in there..if my dog wasn’t 50lbs I would put him in there too. I like to think that I am not a slob, but in fact I am using my bag as an assistant!!!

What do you keep in your bag? Is it neat and tidy or a mess like mine!? Please tell me I am not the only person with this problem!! The worst part? I can’t stop! Even after admitting it and writing this, this morning my lunch went right in my bag, and as I was taking out my banana for breakfast, low and behold, last nights unopened mail came tumbling out!

By Beth