September 17, 2009

Fashion Do's and Don'ts

As you saw from my last post I am scarf challenged. Let’s just admit it, I am pretty much fashion challenged! So writing for this blog has been, you guessed it, a challenge. I don’t think I am the only one either, judging by the amount of fashion advice and blogs out there. Growing up you learned certain fashion rules that you lived by and never went against. When you are not the most fashion conscious person out there, having these rules are helpful guidelines. At least I knew what not to do, yeah for me! Somewhere along the line, the few things I did know about fashion have all changed and are now trendy. Here are a few rules that have been reversed.

Plaids seem to be everywhere now. A long time ago, the rule was that you should never mix different prints in the same outfit. Well apparently it is now okay to mix prints and patterns if the colors compliment each other. This look tends to make me think of Bozo the clown, but then again I am fashion challenged.

The old rule of thumb was that you should not wear both gold and silver together. This is no longer true. The latest trend is to layer necklaces and stack bangles and rings and mixing the two metals.

If you have put on a couple of extra pounds typically you would think to hide behind shapeless clothing. This only makes your whole body look bigger. Instead emphasize your assets and hide your flaws. Streamlined jackets and bootcut pants can help. Now this doesn’t give you the okay to stuff yourself into your clothes, use good judgment. Spend a little more on a few items that fit you really well rather than going for quantity. If something fits me well I am more confident.

Do you remember the old saying “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” This color has even become trendy on the cooler months, just avoid lightweight fabrics and bright whites. Off whites work well.

Here is one I rule I’m glad has changed, matching your shoes to your bag. Go ahead and mix it up with so many interesting textures, patterns and colors to choose from. Accessories have become a great way to show off your personality.

Here’s one that always confused me, never pair black with brown. I never thought this looked bad, so I guess I am finally on trend with this one. Black and brown is the new black and white.

Well now that all the rules have been broken I better get shopping and update my closet! If you are still not sure what is trendy, stop by for all the latest fashions at a real steal!

by Izzy