September 10, 2009

You can't wear white after labor day!!

I was feeling a little stuck about what to write again, So I asked my friends to help me out with an idea. I owe this idea to my friend Kristine, Thanks!

I know growing up I would hear adults around me mention how you are not supposed to wear white after labor day. As I got older I would hear that less and less. I did a little research about why you aren't supposed to and I came up more confused as I did going into it.

There are a lot of sites and blogs discussing the white after labor day. The majority of why has to do with colder temperatures (white doesn’t hold heat) and of ranking of social status.

Do people follow this rule today, or is it old news?

I know I wear whatever I think goes with an outfit.

This is Kristine's take on white after labor day:
"I tend to go by the weather for the next few weeks. If it hits 80 I think I can still wear the white pants/shoes. But perhaps I'll be showing up in the back of a magazine with a black bar across my face too"

by Jani