September 15, 2009

fashion faux-pas

as you may have read in one of my previous posts, p!nk is one of my style icons. she’s got a punky edge i love. i was shocked (like so many other viewers) on sunday night to see that she was wearing the exact same dress as shakira at the mtv vma’s! first they had interviewed shakira, talked about her dress, the regular stuff. then about 15 minutes later p!nk makes her entrance (on a fire engine!) and she’s wearing the same exact dress! i couldn’t believe my eyes. the mtv host just ignored it - didn’t ask her who she was wearing like they normally do. she still looked great, LOVED her hair. but i can’t believe their stylists didn’t check to make sure that wouldn’t happen! i can’t remember the last time this happened at an awards show.  my coworker thinks it might have happened to mariah carey last year, but i can’t find who the other star was. who do you think looked better that night? shakira or pink?