September 2, 2009

Today I'm Going to Be...

Maybe it's because I'm not rich and famous, so I wouldn't understand, but do celebrities wake up one day and decide they're "bored" of being rich and famous for what they do, and try (and mostly succeed) something else just for the fun of it? Kate Moss for Top Shop and Gwen Stefani for L.A.M.B are only some of the success stories for this new breed of celebrities turned designers.

We all remember Full House and the cute little twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley that made us wish we were a part of the most loving, dysfuntional family in America. Well they grew and got bored of the whole acting thing and wanted to try their hand at fashion.

In 2001, they launched an affordable clothing line and sold it through Wal-Mart to tweens all across the country. It sold like wild fire. So now they're 23 and even more "billionaire" than before and have become a fashion force worth paying attention to with their new lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James. Of course normal people can't buy into these new fashions, some sweaters weighing in at $400 and coats at $3,000 - I'm not sure if this will be like wild fire...maybe more of a smoldering ember. We'll just have to wait and see what kind of trends their designs trickle down to the stores for the masses. In the meantime, I'll shop at my fashionable (and affordable)

What's in store for the Olsen twins? Are they going to be the next hot pop music sensation or walk their skinny little behinds down New York's catwalks? Who knows?
By yn