September 23, 2009

I am...Undefined

Everything has a label- clothing, food, relationships. Labels help us identify and define things. They’re our way of classifying information within our own little world, whether it’s positive/negative, big/small, good/bad…

Would Ben & Jerry’s still have the same comforting effect on us and be just as yummy if the carton had no label and we were trying it for the first time? Labels set expectations. When we recognize a label we expect that thing to be a certain way and at the point that it stops being what we expect, it’s not good and we don’t want it anymore.

But, what if nothing had labels? How would we know what we liked?! Labels are only beneficial so long as they are synonymous with the truth and you can't pretend something is what it isn't just because of the label attached to it. You know what to expect when you see the metrostyle label, the Ben & Jerry's logo, or when someone introduces you to their "husband." Ok, I know, with relationships it’s a little different, but similar rules apply.

We label our relationships because it gives us some feeling of security and helps other people know where you fit into the relationship. He's your friend? Ok got it. Oh he's your boyfriend, well that's different. Husband? Right, and now they know what to expect based on each of these labels. What about you? Would you still find comfort and love in a relationship where you didn’t identify your role? Where you didn't label it?

So, with clothing, food, relationships and anything really, I wonder...
If you don’t label it, is it still good? Do you need to label it? What purpose does it serve?

metrostyle doesn’t need a label, but it is a reminder to us to always be exactly what we say we are, a clothing company that offers sexy, vibrant, quality clothing at "Real Steal" prices (had to throw that in). Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t need a label for me to love it, but it helps me identify it from all the other ice cream in the store!

And as for my relationship?…right now, I am undefined. :)