September 25, 2009

I <3 TV!

As much as we all love summer and the nice weather, I have to say my vote for favorite season is Fall. Sure we've talked about cozy sweaters and fuzzy boots, but what I'm talking about is... the return of FALL TV! Move over summer re-runs and half-baked reality shows, Fall TV is officially back and in full swing. Some shows I'm following are Fringe, Heroes, House, CSI, Dollhouse and Lost - These of course are just to name a few (what can I say, I'm a couch potato and I <3 TV!).

How many times have you heard a song on a show and wondered who it was by. Well thanks to our fancy web-enabled phones, there's an application called 'Shazam' that will listen to the music, and tell you the name, the artist and the album of the song. Pretty cool if you ask me, but what do we do if we SEE something we like on TV? Enter I was watching Vampire Diaries (I'm an obsessed Twilighter, so naturally I'm obsessed with everything else vampire) and Caroline had the cutest grey tiered ruffle-back cropped cardigan on! I dedicated hours looking for it online and came across the Seen On site and found out where I could get the cardigan!

Some new shows that I'm curious about - True Blood, Glee, Flash Forward, Modern Family - Have you guys seen any of these and can recommend? (Haha, as though I need more shows to watch, I think my DVR is about to explode) But what better way to spend those chilly weeknights than to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and the remote? What shows are you guys into?