September 30, 2009

Clothing for Kids!

With Fall here, and school has started.. It was back to school shopping for my 6 year old little girl. I could NOT believe some of the things that were out there. Maybe I am just a little old fashion, But little girls should dress like little girls. Half of the pants I bought for her are real low.. so low that her underwear would show or even worse... the crack!
It is bad enough that she is growing up so fast that I cant seem to keep up, but the clothes that are out there are making the process of growing up go faster.
I understand that fashion evolves and how a 2 piece bathing suit looks adorable on a baby.. But the 2 piece skimpy suit on a 10 year old is just plain scary!
Am I just being an old bag of a mom or would you agree that the clothes for kids now a days is a bit too revealing??

Thank you Nikki for the great idea!

by jani