October 12, 2009

In case you didn't know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - it is a serious disease that affects 1 in 8 women with over 40,000 women and 400 men dying every year. It is the most common cause of cancer in women and second most common cause of death in women in the US. The more we educate ourselves about it, the more prepared we will be to fight (and win!) against it.

Early detection, through monthly breast self-exam and a yearly mammogram after age 40, offers the best chance for survival. 96% of women who find and treat breast cancer early will be cancer-free after five years. These are striking numbers that we just can't ignore - So ladies please do those monthly self-exams and yearly mammograms and together we can stop this in it's tracks.

We here at metrostyle are very serious about the health of our customers and associates, because this disease does not discriminate. Our sister site, Chadwicks.com has launched a line of t-shirts and a portion of the proceeds of the sale goes directly to the American Cancer Society to support the research of breast cancer. Your donations could help us find a cure, because together 'we can all make a change' and kick breast cancer to the curb.