October 13, 2009

What to Wear...on HALLOWEEN

Halloween is such a fun holiday...you can dress up to be something completely different than normal! I rarely buy an actual Halloween costume, I usually try to come up with an idea where I can use regular clothes and wear them throughout the year. Like one time I was the Tin (wo)Man from The Wizard of Oz and I wore this sparkly silver dress that I could have easily worn out again on say New Years Eve. It was really easy, I just added silver jewelry, wore a heart necklace, silver shoes and a little funnel on my head that I spray painted silver! It's always cheaper and more fun when you get creative! I am having trouble deciding what to be this year...any suggestions? Here are some ideas for all of you:

Group idea: Try my Wizard of Oz idea...this is great because it doesn't have to be all male or female...one Dorothy, one cowardly lion, one tin man (or woman) and one scarecrow! Add a Toto and you're all set!

If you're an expecting couple (or even if you're not! just pretend on this holiday!): The wife can be Giselle and the husband can be Tom Brady (so simple if you're from New England...lots of men already have jerseys.) Giselle can wear anything from Victorias Secret.

Group of girlfriends: All wear sparkly dresses and carry a briefcase with a number on it! What are you? Deal or No Deal girls!

Now I need some of your ideas! Let me know!!

by LB