October 20, 2009

Pulling out the winter clothes!

Last night I was thinking...it's time to put away the summer clothes & pull out the winter gear! I'm not quite ready for the cold weather, but after the snow a few days ago, reality set in...I don't have a choice. I could pack up my belongings, retire & find a deserted island filled with hot men or I could stop dreaming. I decided to stop dreaming & pull out my sweaters, thermals, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, coats, winter slippers...the whole shi-bang! Since I refuse to turn on the heat, I ended up wearing half of those items last night while I shed a tear putting away the summer clothes.

While I decided which of these winter items needed dry-cleaning and which I could throw in the wash, I happened to over-hear top fall trends on the E-channel. Suddenly, the frozen tears on my face, started to melt away and I realized the one good thing about the changing of the seasons...I get to shop!

The two piles of clothing suddenly turned into 3: dry-cleaning, washing-machine & goodwill. Once that was done, I realized some of the new items I absolutely needed to buy to make it through this cold winter...at least that's how I decided to rationalize things.

Must-haves for fall: new high boots, leather bomber for nights out and the colorful wool coat for days to the office. To see more must haves checkout the links below:
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by Sally