October 29, 2009

This is just silly...

In the spirt of autumn I recently purchased a Yankee Candle “Fall Favorites” 3 pack of Car Gels (yay!). I was soon faced with the difficult decision of what fragrance to go with first, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Wreath or MacIntosh. After much consideration I went with MacIntosh. So foolish I will soon learn, but I hung the gel by my rear-view mirror anyway.

The NEXT day. I get into my car and smell what I think is apples? Did an apple roll out of my lunch box? Did someone leave apples in my car? There are going to be rotting apples in my car if I can’t find them! I’m now checking under the seats of my car, in between the seat cushions and in console compartments.

Ever have one of those DUH moments? WELL sure enough it hit me like a bus in the night. (duh). My car gel! So thanks Yankee Candle :) April Fools came in October for me. Moral of the story... you shouldn’t try to make your car smell like food products anyway.