December 22, 2008


Dear Santa,

Every year I stress about Christmas. I know this is your time of year, but why does it have to be so dreadful for me. I can’t sleep; I can’t eat thinking about this Holiday and all it entails. Call me a grinch if you like, but why does Christmas have to be so stressful?

The biggest problem is money and having enough of it to buy presents for everyone, so after Thanksgiving I start budgeting and realize that there will never be enough money to go round so how about this year you leave a cash advance in my stocking for next year’s Christmas gifts ???

I hate Christmas shopping! Every year I say I’ll start shopping early, but every year I’m shopping up to the last minute fighting crazy traffic and waiting in 20 minute long check out lines…ugh!

What about all the thought that goes into buying Christmas gifts anyway? I like my gifts to be meaningful so I put a lot of thought into each one, maybe too much thought…? That could be why it takes me so long to get all that shopping done???

Once I actually finish the shopping, you can find me gift wrapping by the tree on Christmas Eve just before my family arrives for the pre-Christmas festivities. At this point I’m not only wrapping gifts, but I’m also cooking, cleaning, and getting dressed…multi tasking at its best!

Speaking of Christmas trees, every year I wonder if I should get a real tree or put up the fake one that I got from Walmart last year, lights included? Then I reminisce back to Christmas of 2005, when my real tree stayed up till the end January and every last pine needle feel to the ground as it was dragged through the living room, then the kitchen, then down the stairs till it finally reached the side walk. I guess I’ll go with the fake one again this year.

Since I decided to go with the fake tree, I now have to spend some time making it look real, adjusting and fluffing each branch to fill in the holes so no one sees the medal rod down the center holding the tree together. Then there’s decorating the tree. Is it just me or does every ornament have to be perfectly placed so they are equaled spaced apart from each other…well, that’s the way I like it anyway.

And there's the weight thing…how many pounds will it be this year? 5? 10? Oh well, there’s always New Years and that thing called a resolution – this year I resolve to lose all the weight I put on last year!

And my favorite part of Christmas (not!), would be the annoying Christmas music that radio stations love to play starting in late November…as if Christmas wasn’t bad enough. Now I have to be reminded of Christmas and all that stress every time I turn on the radio.

On a positive note, I get to spend time with my family and friends, and eat and drink a lot! That’s what I love about Christmas and that’s what’s most important in my eyes…grinch or not.