December 18, 2008

My Favorite Holiday Gift

Candy canes, twinkling lights, and long lines for Santa Clause at the mall brings us back to all those childhood Christmas memories. Perhaps these hints that Christmas is coming to town have got you thinking about a special family memory or…maybe a favorite present! Well, cuddle up with a steaming cup of cocoa and I will tell you a story about my childhood.

Early (very early) on a snowy white Christmas morning, I awoke so excited to spend time with my family/presents. My alter tomboy ego had begged for a bike this year. I gathered my family and settled on the couch with my stocking. Family tradition requires that I wait for all red-eyed adults to drink coffee before opening the presents. I test my persuasion skills briefly to lure my father away from the coffeemaker. But, coffee beans and sugar cubes danced in his head. Tick tock and then the adults finally take their proper seats around the brimming tree. We open presents and I toss aside various gifts…Battleship, a paint set, Sea Monkeys.... all very cool, but not “the gift.” One last present remains under the tree measuring approx 14” X 14”. Now, I am no genius, but that’s no bike. I’m already prepared for disappointment as I dramatically tear away the wrapping paper. And behold a bike helmet. What does this mean? Either my parents think I’m accident-prone…or…maybe, they just forgot I don’t own a bike. The confused look on my face caused them to burst into wild laugher. My father disappeared for several minutes as I ponder what has them so happy about my apparent distress. Then, out of nowhere a gleaming green bike rolls up next to the tree! It was the best Christmas gift!

Tell me your favorite Christmas story!

By Jenny