December 12, 2008

How High is too High???

Have you ever asked the question, “can I wear high-waist styles?” It seems like everywhere I look, people are wearing them. They are everywhere in the stores but I never know if they are for me. They seem to look flattering on any body type, tall or skinny, big or small. Once you top them off with a high heel pump or boot, they can make anyone’s legs look long! A high waist skirt looks slimming with tights and a high heel pump! If you like the trend, but are not sure what to wear them with, keep in mind you can wear them with any basic top in your closet. It’s all about the pant!

High-waist pants or skirts look great with a blouse/shirt tucked in of course. They can be dressed up with a sheer blouse or dressed down with a basic t-shirt. You can accent them with a skinny belt and a chunky necklace or earrings to complete the look. If you happen to be blessed with a curvy figure, no worries, go for the wide-leg style over the skinny style. Like I said before, I believe they are for any shape or size. What are your thoughts?

By Allie