December 23, 2008

Fit Matters

Why do we stress out so much over the size of our clothes?
Seriously, it's just a number. Why should it matter if it's an 8 or 10 or 12, or whatever. If we find something we love in "our size" and it is just a bit too snug, we shouldn't be afraid to go up a size, or even two. There are so many fitted styles out there right now. Why shouldn't we be able to wear them even if we are not the perfect size 8! The important thing is to find the size that fits you best.
Don't get hung up on the numbers. We have enough stresses in our lives, this should not be one of them. So girls, let's just let this one go....

So, if it's something you really love, then for goodness sake get it in the right fit for you, regardless of the size. No one will know but you and you will feel great because you'll look fabulous!