December 8, 2008

Sparkle, Shine and Shoes!

Miss Lily and Miss Noelle are my two small nieces. Miss Lily, the big sister, is three years old and she owns more pairs of shoes than her Auntie does. The majority of the shoes she owns are shiny, or sparkly. I’m pretty sure even her sneakers have glitter on them. Every time she gets a new pair of shoes she can not wait to show them off. “Auntie Sara look at my new shoes aren’t they soooo beautiful?” The strange thing about this is that neither her mother nor I have an affinity toward shoes. I own what I need to get by but I do not find joy in shoe shopping. I recently brought her shopping and while I was trying to draw her attention to a new outfit she was busy showing me three pairs of shoes that she needed to have. Although, I did not purchase all three pairs of shoes for fear of feeding into her insatiable appetite for shoes, I did purchase one pair of pink ballet flats with silver sparkles. Although I do not share her joie de chaussures (joy of shoes) I hope that she always keeps her love of sparkle and shine…..and new footwear!