December 25, 2008

In the Mood

How do YOU show the world what kind of mood you're in? Do you start with a smile, a frown, your favorite sweater, request a quiet dinner for two or call your friends for a girls night out? The Grinch (by Dr. Seuss) showed everyone his new happy mood with his homemade Santa suit and big smile! Me? I start with the clothes of course and go from there!

Clothes are the outward expression of my feelings, a key to my thoughts, a guide to my personality and sometimes, a very clear indication that it is laundry day!

At work, take one look at me and you will know what my mood is. Fancy suit and heels? I'm all business and trying so hard to look and act like a business woman, can't you just see the concentration in my eyes?! Dress pants and a sassy sweater, hmmm, I must have more meetings than usual today, dressed for business and comfort and sure hoping there's time for lunch! Jeans, a nice sweater and my favorite loafers? My favorite kind of day. I'm workin' hard on some projects, but come on in, what can I help you with? I'm always up for a challenge.

Have you stopped to take a look at your current wardrobe? Do you find that you buy one style of clothing with one friend and a different style with another? On some days do you buy or prefer to wear certain colors? If you are sad, do you try to wear something that will cheer you up or do you go with it and revel in your misery? (that's ok, sometimes I "go with it" too)

Take a look sometime at the people around you, do you think you can tell what their mood is? I bet if you pay really close attention you will be able to tell. Maybe you will start to see how your mood can effect the clothes you select and how your clothes can change your mood!