July 27, 2009

Anyone else remember Skidz?

I remember going clothes shopping in the last days of August before my first day of 6th grade, begging my mom to buy me a pair of Skidz so I could look 'cool' for the first day of school. After inspecting the price tags, however, she quickly denied my request and I was left to sulk, bummed out that I wouldn't be as fashionable as I would have liked. A few days later, however, when we went to pick up some sneakers (probably either British Knights or LA Gear) at our local bargain department store we found a few pairs of irregular plaid Skidz at a great price and I was rewarded with what I thought to be the cornerstone of any fashionable outfit. Looking back I can't imagine wearing anything uglier even though, at the time, I thought they were the coolest thing since Vanilla Ice.

Which leads me to my question: what is fashionable now that you think you'll look back in horror on 10-15 years from now? Post your answers in the comments...