July 24, 2009

Readers Ask...We Answer!

I received the following comment when I wrote “Desk to Dinner” :

Hello metro insider…I love reading your blog and I was wondering how you could help me. I’m a very fashion conscious person…thanks to your blog and similar others…But in my town I don’t have access to better private label designers. I was hoping you could give me a top ten list of more of your favorite online boutiques that have price points between $250.00 and $1,000.00 per item. I love fashion accessories too. Please feel free helping me get very fashion creative. – Sincerely, A Fashion Conscious Personality

Dear Fashion Conscious Personality,

First of all thanks for your question! We love when we hear back from our readers. Here is my list for you and all your fellow readers to enjoy! I gave you my top 5 web sites that sell everything from head to toe…then listed 5 additional broken down into categories if you need to get more specific with your shopping!

For a mixture of everything (clothes, accessories, etc).
1 – misssixty.com
2 – bluefly.com
3 – net-a-porter.com
4 – ruelala.com
5 – shopittome.com

Swim – nancymeyer.com

Jewelry – tiffany.com

Bags – europehandbag.com

Shoes – endless.com

Bridal – priscillaofboston.com

But remember, the best way to balance a wardrobe is to have a few expensive pieces mixed in with less expensive items, so don’t forget to continue shopping at metrostyle.com for great styles that are much more affordable!