July 23, 2009

Hair Tricks

After reading "Hair-Brained Idea" I thought I could elaborate on some hairstyling tips. Everyday that I get up and get ready for work, I deal with the same thing…WHAT do I do with my hair?!?! I have really big, curly (most of the time frizzy) hair. I am always looking for new tips on how to style my hair, new products I can try, or ways to create a new look. If you are like me…here are some tips for our kind of hair:

1) Ask for a “dry cut” at the hair salon. Instead of having your hair stylist wet your first, just let her go right in for the kill! Trust me it works…I have had one hair stylist my whole life (my dad…yes you read that right my DAD) and he was a little weary about doing this saying that it wouldn’t come out right, but when your hair is as curly as mine…it doesn’t matter if every strand of hair is exactly even at the ends. It gives it a much more natural flow and I was very happy with the outcome of our dry cut experience that we decided to attempt around 9 pm in our kitchen. Quite humorous but successful!

2) Experiment with gels and creams and mousse galore. I find that the cheapest of hair products are the best! I go through a can of mousse at least every 2 weeks…so if you are paying over $10 a bottle for your hair products you better check yourself. I use a variety of different brands but they are all under $3 a bottle. (and they work just as good as anything you can buy at the salon.)

3) If you wash your hair at night, put whatever products you would normally in your hair, but then pull it back with bobby pins at the crown of your head and sleep on it like that. When you wake up, take the bobby pins out. You will have a relaxed look without all that frizz around your forehead!

4) Never use a blow dryer…repeat never use a blow dryer!!! Use a diffuser. Either a whole separate thing from your hairdryer or you can attach one to your hairdryer. If you want to look like a lion, go ahead and try blowdrying your hair without a diffuser.

5) While in the shower, comb out your hair with a wide tooth comb while the conditioner is still in it. Works great but you’ll have to clean out the shower drain after you’re done…

6) Lastly, for any kind of hair…make sure you do get a trim every 6-8 weeks. This will prevent split ends and help to keep healthy hair!

So what do I do with my hair in the morning? Usually I just let it do whatever it wants…those are the days I get the most compliments! When I go out of my way to spend extra time on a do…no one even really notices. Doesn’t make much sense to me. Does anyone else have any hair tips to share or quick ways to style your hair in the morning before work? I’d love to hair more…get it?