July 10, 2009

Hair-Brained Idea

So about two months ago I was looking in the mirror and I thought to myself “my hair needs a change” and because I am impulsive and impatient my next thought was “Its just bangs I’m sure I can cut them just as good as the hairdresser, it can’t be that difficult” So I got out my scissors (pampered chef kitchen shears) and a comb and proceeded to massacre my poor hair. Little by little my bangs got shorter and shorter but they never quite got straight. I stopped the madness when my bangs were about an inch above my eyebrow. They were just long enough to put in a clip and hide from my peers. I am only able to write about this experience now because my bangs have grown out enough to be cut straight without being to short. The lesson to be learned here is never cut your own hair. If you think your hair needs a change try some hot rollers or a straightening iron or maybe even some cute hair accessories. Never ever cut your own hair it is not as easy as it looks.

by Sara