July 21, 2009

The Fit - Behind the Scenes

I am fascinated by anyone that can sew! I can hem pants...very poorly.

I went to visit my friend in the Tech Design department and she let me snap some photos to share with you. She was working on this blazer...You can see she has a slit in the seam and it's taped where she is modifying the waist measurement and pinned to adjust the sweep. That would be the part that goes around your hips.One of the responsibilities of the Tech Design department is to fit garments on our Fit Model (a live person) and ensure a proper fit. I used to love going to fit sessions and seeing all of the new styles before anyone else! When a garment arrives to our offices, the Tech Designer measures many points and matches the measurements against our requested measurements. The factory sends their Fit Sample along with their paper pattern that they used to make the garment. It pretty much looks like what you'd get at a fabric store, but made from scratched based on our requested measurements. (see below)
In some cases the Tech Designer will create a revised pattern to improve the armhole curves or other fit details of the garment after reviewing the factory's paper pattern. This is the TD working on a revised paper pattern. She is literally drawing the sleeves of the garment so the factory can cut the fabric to the correct measurements.
When we give the factory comments based on our Fit Session, the TD will advise to increase or decrease certain measurements. However, there may be times where it is much easier to do this by drawing a picture. The TD makes a rough sketch of the garment pattern and indicates the new measurements on the computer. Pretty Cool!
After the factory receives the fit comments they send a revised garment for our review and the fun starts all over again!