July 13, 2009

Neon is ok, but scrunchies are not!

You’ve all seen that many style elements of the 80’s have returned - acid wash denim, neon colors (love it!), high top sneakers... and i’m just waiting to see who’s the first designer to take extreme tribute inspiration from michael jackson’s 80’s style.
one trend i haven’t seen yet, is hypercolor - fabrics that change color depending on temperature. they were fun, yet sometimes annoying shirts that made everyone leave their handprints on your back! i don’t know what they could do to it for it’s 2009 update, but i think it would be great, in a funny way.

A couple of trends that i haven’t seen yet, and sort of hoping i never do:
* oversized t-shirts with t-shirt clips on the side

* big over-teased-hairsprayed bangs

i'm sure there are more - what am i forgetting?

by shirley