July 28, 2009

Remember When Looney Tunes Were Cool!

Do you all remember when looney tunes t-shirts were cool. I went to a Catholic elementary school so we couldn't wear the shirts to school. But on the last day of school we had a field day and were allowed to wear our "street clothes" to school. I am pretty sure that on field day everyone was wearing a looney tunes shirt. Now remember this was over a decade ago. Well my husband's Aunt apparently still thinks that its cool to wear Looney Tunes. Last Christmas she bought my husband a Tazmanian devil t-shirt. The t-shirt was brown and TAZ was three dimensional and furry. Yah I know sounds like a joke gift but she was serious. I don't know where she found it but I have a couple of good guesses (eh ehm..can you say flea market).

by Sara