August 31, 2009

Miss Universe - Babes in Bikinis

What should you do if you're beautiful, smart, out-going and look super fantastic in a bathing suit? Well, you could become Miss Universe, but only after you "out hot" 51 contestants in the Miss USA contest...and of course that's ONLY if you have not been married or had a marriage annulled, given birth, are not currently pregnant and vow to stay single for your entire reign; but plastic surgery is ok, because it doesn't change your classification as a "Miss." Phew, ok there's hope for me.

What started out as shameless product promotion for Catalina Swimwear in 1952 has sustained years of good and bad publicity and still stayed a strong organization. The Miss Universe Organization supports charities all over the world (which I think is cool) and provides opportunities for many public appearances. Just last week some of the Title Holders had tea with Bohemian dignitaries. I wonder what they talked about?!

My favorite debate topic surrounding Miss Universe has to be swimsuits. What does looking good in a bathing suit have to do with showing you're an all 'round great gal? Who cares! If these single, unmarried, possibly augmented women are willing to get up there and prance around in heels and a tiny bikini, I'm gonna watch! Have you seen the photos this year? I figure if in 1952 they were brave enough in a more conservative society to show off their bikini worthy bodies, we might as well carry on the tradition. Besides, they are still advertising for these bathing suits right? Doesn't this give me a preview of the latest bathing fashions? I don't even know who makes them. Whatever! All I know is that for $199.99 I can get a 20X30 copy of this...

hmm I'm tempted to fill out the "Request an Appearance" form.
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