August 20, 2009

Are Tattoos Considered Fashionable?

So this is the very first time I have written a blog, and to be honest it is a little intimidating! Trying to think about something to write about was a lot harder then I thought. I wanted to make sure I wrote about something interesting to me and well something interesting to read about. I was inspired to write about something that I know about. So here we go!

I am a huge fan of tattoos. I like big tattoos, little tattoos, on women, and on men. I have a great appreciation of expressing ones self on themselves.. In my opinion tattooing is artwork that you can bring with you anywhere. Granted it’s really someone else artwork but it is something that is personal!

I myself have 8 tattoos and I have found that there are the people out there that love them. They ask about them. They want to know the meaning and why I chose the things I did. Curiosity. I do get a lot of people that ask if they hurt and say that they have always wanted to get one but are too scared.

Then there are the people that Do not like them. They ask questions but in a different tone. Why did you get that? with emphasis on the that!

The question is are they fashionable? I believe that fashion is what you make it. Since I have tattoo's and I like to show them off then they become part of my personal fashion. But is it considered fashion to everyone else?

by Jani