August 21, 2009

Does this dress make me look fat?

Definition of a “true friend”.

I would like to share with you an experience I had helping a friend find a dress for a formal wedding. She dresses casual everyday, and considers herself fashionable. What she does not see clearly is that her body has changed over the past 25 years (since college).

So off we went to an upscale mall first stop a department store that specializes in women’s clothing. She picked out two dresses that she liked and I picked out three that she didn’t like. So off she went into the fitting room with the five dresses. The first dress she tried on was her favorite and when she asked my opinion I said “I think we can do better”. She tried on the second one that she liked and I said “we can do better”.

When she tried on my favorite reluctantly she screamed, “I love it”. A woman who was in another fitting room came out and said “you are a true friend” I did not tell my friend that she looked awful or fat or ugly, I said we can do better and it opened her eyes to a style that she would never have tried on.

Moral of this story is be open to new styles and be honest when giving your opinion you do not have to be mean if someone isn’t a perfect size, or lie and say its beautiful when its not.