August 12, 2009

Fall into Fashion

Everyone’s probably going to call me crazy, but I can’t wait for fall to come! Yes, I know that means I’ll have to give up my 9-hour shifts at the beach and summer night bike rides to get fried seafood and ice cream, but it also means that I can dust off my booties, peel the dry cleaning plastic off my jackets and stretch out those tights! While I love going to the beach, I’ve always thought when it’s cold out, you can always do things to keep yourself warm; layer on cute sweaters and jackets, drink yummy hot chocolate, sit around a fireplace with a nice glass of wine – but when it’s hot out, what can you do??

I love transition fashion, especially fall fashion; the layers (jackets!), the accessories (scarves!) and the all around cozy feeling when there’s a brisk breeze in the air. Layers are good for the New England fall, it might be upper 50’s to 60’s in the morning for the walk to the train or your favorite coffee shop, but that lunchtime walk or the mad dash home might be in the 60’s or even 70’s – So I always try to be prepared for all the crazy weather patterns rolling through. I need to restock my collection of jackets every year – it’s my thing, I love jackets! I think I’m going to have to get our Bubble Hem Topper to add to my collection and get me through the fall – actually on second thought; I just love this entire outfit!

Tell me, what’s your favorite season and the must-have piece to get you through it?

by yn