August 7, 2009

Camping in fashion, who says you need to rough it?

Last year my boyfriend and I started camping. We were so excited picking out the tent and equipment, planning our trips. We were having a great time, so what if it rained sometimes, we had snacks, drinks and my mp3 player. Then we realized it rained every time we went, ugghhh! After one weekend of setting up and breaking down in the pouring rain, I got home and went online and found some used travel trailers. I printed them out and subtly put them in front of him and mentioned what a happy camper I would be in one of those. This year we are traveling in style in our new camper (I think he got the hint). If it rains, oh well, turn on a movie and make some popcorn, after all we are camping!

Camping has become quite popular in this economy. You can travel to so many places, have a cheap place to stay with a lot more amenities than a hotel and cook your own meals. It has really attracted a variety of people from all walks of life. Most girls turn up their nose to the thought of camping (mosquitoes, bug spray and furry animals lurking around, yuck), but I enjoy the relaxing calm of being outdoors, seeing new places, the extra exercise and sitting by the campfire with a drink in hand. Never mind the fact that a lot of these places are like resorts with pools, boat rentals, hiking and biking paths and planned activities. With so much to do you have to pack accordingly, ok so I over do but at least I have choices.

And who says just because you are “roughing it” that you can’t look good (and be comfortable) while sitting around the campfire. There are the essentials; swimsuit, tees, tank tops, shorts, capris, active wear, sneakers, accessories (Yes girls, even camping you can accessorize!! Our cadet cap looks so much cuter than a baseball cap!). Just look at how sexy a ruffled shirt looks with a pair of jean shorts (get this look). With all these styles and great prices, you will be a happy camper. Now that you are fully equipped, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!
by Izzy