August 28, 2009

Are You Scarf Challenged Like Me?

Last weekend I was watching my stepdaughter getting ready to go out and I noticed she had this cute black and white checkered scarf that she was putting on. I watched in amazement at how many different ways she tied it and propped it in various ways (all of which looked good to me) before finally settling on the perfect position. Her outfit looked so much cuter and pulled together, I was in awe. I’ve always thought scarves looked great on other people and I have even bought a couple that I just had to have – until I tried to put them on. I would practice in front of the mirror, tying it so many different ways, but none looked right. I would wrap and unwrap my neck so many times I was lucky I didn’t end up strangling myself. In the end I would end up giving up and burying the scarf so far back in my drawer, never to be seen again.

So am I doomed to be forever scarf challenged? Is this a genetic thing, or do you have to be young and ambidextrous to safely secure a scarf in place? Scarves are making a huge appearance among celebrities and anyone following the latest trends.

All I can say is thank goodness for the web, this is what I learned for tying a simple knot around the neck:
1. Fold scarf lengthwise to desired thickness.
2. Place the middle of the scarf at the back of your neck so the ends drape in front.
3. Take both ends, knot and pull the knot up to your neck.
4. Optional: fluff some of the fabric over the knot so that the fabric covers the knot.
5. Optional: Pull the knot to the side of your neck.

For the looped effect:
1. Lay the long rectangular scarf across the back of your neck and let it hang, but leave one side slightly longer than the other.
2. Next, take the side that is longer and wrap it around your neck, moving it around your head in a counterclockwise motion. The scarf should end where you began turning it, now having a loop around the neck and the scarf ends hanging down across the chest on both sides. You can also stop the twist of the scarf end half way and leave one end hanging in front and one end down your back.

Lastly you can wear a scarf as a belt by folding a long oblong scarf into the desired width, draping it around your hips and positioning it as a sash. Adjust it as you like. This will draw the eye downward and make your waist look smaller.

I hope these basics have helped you. Do you have a favorite way of wearing scarves? Maybe this year I won’t get all tied up and I can join the scarf trend! Check out some of the other scarves offered by metrostyle.

By Izzy