August 18, 2009

Little Feet, Big World!

Before posting I usually ask around and see if anyone has anything they want me to write about. I have a co-worker/friend who wears a size 5 shoe. She is the inspiration for this blog. This week when I asked if she had anything she would like me to write about her response was "YES write about how I can't find any shoes my size"
She wears a size 5 shoe and the problem she runs into is that women's shoes very rarely are available in a size 5 and children's shoes, well they look like children's shoes. She says she hasn't been able to find a decent pair of sneakers in years. After talking to her about the trouble she has finding shoes I am thankful that I wear a very common size (7). Are any of you ladies out there a size five? Do you have trouble stylish shoes that actually fit your feet?

by Sara