August 28, 2009

Leather for all seasons

Yes, fall is coming ....I can feel it in the air and my toes
Ths mean daylight savings time and it's dark at 4:00pm
The leaves turning yellow
Next is the snow and the ice, aaaaaah!!!
Can you tell I don't like the cold?

But the great thing is I can wear leather!!! Go me! Go me!
I love black leather because it makes me feel tough, ("I'll stomp you the gound with my karate kick")
And sexxxy, ("hey big boy want to play")
So, I can't wait to squeeze into my black tight leather pants with help of a little vaseline or baby oil,
suck in my gut and
get my strut on. (hips swaying, left right, left right)

You know what, I am too excited !!
I am putting my leather pants on tommorrow, even if it 90 degress.
I will sweat but it will be "sexxxxy sweat"
Or is it too hot for leather? Never!!
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