August 5, 2009

Express Yourself

I have loved making collages since i was a little girl - i would go through magazines, tearing out fun pictures, clothes, quotes, even just colors or patterns. then i’d go through the pile and put them together on a page in an interesting way, and put it up on my wall. (luckily my parents let me put stuff on my walls, or i’m not sure what i would have done with my various creations!)

I found this really fun site - it’s pretty much a place where you can create digital collages. they have hundreds, maybe thousands, of images you can use, already on the site. or you can go to other websites and import images. or if you don’t want to create your own, you can just look through the many ‘sets’ that other people have made, and comment on them if you want to. and i think they sometimes do contests where you can enter and/or vote for your favorite. so i was looking around the site - there are SO many ‘sets’ done already. some sort of basic ones, and some that are really fun & creative. just for curiosity’s sake i searched for - and to my happy surprise there were already some sets created using metrostyle images! how fun! when i realized how easy it is to import new images, i decided i had to try it. so i created my own set using some new & old metrostyle product. i was pretty proud of my little creation, i hit ‘publish’... and nothing. i can’t find it when i search ‘’. i’m a little heartbroken about it. i can’t figure out what i did wrong! i looked at their ‘help’ (didn’t help at all) and i emailed them (unfortunately, no response yet). luckily, i can still see it if i log in. i grabbed the image info so i can share it with here. have any of you tried this yet? were you able to publish & then find your set? if so, please help! even though i’m sad that i can’t find my own ‘glitzy glam metrostyle’ set i still love the site - it’s great to see other people’s creativity - give it a try!

glitzy-glam metrostyle

by shirley