August 25, 2009

Summer Job Searching; worthwhile or waste of time?

Whether you are ending a temporary summer job or have been struggling to find a new one in this economy, I just hope you haven’t taken a break from job searching because you have surrendered to the lazy days of summer. Stop postponing your job search until September...

You could you be missing your dream opportunity.

Many job seekers may feel as if they want to take the summer off, but by the time the summer ends, job seekers who took the summer off will be competing against even more job seekers who have followed the same strategy. Your time and effort can reap big rewards and even land you a new job before autumn.

Summertime can offer advantages to job seekers and it’s not over

yet! There are still a few precious weeks left so don’t let them slip away. In need of a little more job searching motivation... check out these Metrostyle steals on some new work clothes. These will surely make you want to get into the office asap!