November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday- The New Black Friday

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! For me Thanksgiving is one tiring holiday! I’m not sure if it has more to do with the tryptophan in the turkey or the interstate travel my husband and I embark on every year to visit family…or is it from waking up early for Black Friday shopping?

I don’t know about you but I didn’t actually manage to get much Christmas shopping done this weekend. I always think I am going to get a lot done and score some really good bargains… but somehow that plan always ends up foiled. This year my Black Friday shopping ended early. Some old friends asked my husband and I to go out for fondue since we were in town for the weekend.

In the end dinner was more enjoyable than spending countless hours wandering the mall (especially with my husband in tow) but I am heading back to work tomorrow with hardly a dent in my shopping list! But not to despair! I'll catch up with Cyber Monday deals!
Yes—Cyber Monday. You haven’t heard of it? Well I hadn’t either until recently. So I read more about it on Wikipedia. Apparently the term "Cyber Monday" is a slang term which was conjured up by the U.S. trade association National Retail Federation. The phrased was first used during the 2005 holiday season.
But regardless of how it started, more and more retailers are offering Cyber Monday deals with the mindset that those of you in the same predicament as me will be shopping online at work tomorrow…albeit only on your lunch hours of course!
So—if you are like me and you still have a full list of family and friends to buy for, check out the deals online tomorrow. On new deals posted every hour. Also don’t forget to check your inbox for e-mail deals. A large number of retailers are offering free shipping and many are offering a continuation on Black Friday specials.

At least I figured one gift out… I am getting my best friend a fondue set! Now I just have to order it online tomorrow.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

by Gabby