November 6, 2008

Top Model: And then there were four…

As you know metrostyle has used some of the winners from America’s Next Top Model. Well, I’ve been a fan of the show since cycle 1 – the girls get wilder and Tyra gets kookier every season. Did anyone watch the show last night?

Last night the remaining five contestants were challenged to travel by boat through the streets of Amsterdam to their go-see appointments. Five designers waited as the girls frantically tried to see as many of them as possible in a short amount of time. Whoever got the most bookings, and made it back in time was the winner.

As usual, Marjorie was a nervous mess…the poor thing….she spent most of her time running around in circles and only made it to 2 go-sees. Samantha was too commercial for the designers and Elina had too many tattoos. Analeigh tried too hard, but ultimately won the challenge - $18,000 worth of designer merch - because McKey was disqualified for being 5 minutes late…too bad for her because she had the most bookings of all.

Then later in the show, the one and only fierce and ferocious Tyra photographed the girls herself. Each girl had 2 shots – one not made up and the other all dolled up. At eliminations, Miss Jay practically undressed Elina. Come to find out, she’s only 18! Just barely legal, but I guess that wasn’t enough – she was voted off. Sorry Elina, you are not America’s Next Top Model.

And by the way, can we make it through just one elimination without Tyra posing...please?